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Magazine Spread Project

The Process:

In this assignment, our client situation was that we were hired for an internship with the LDS Church Magazines and our first project was to write and design a two-page magazine spread for the Ensign.  We used the program, InDesign, to create our magazine spread.  This was my first time using this program.  I learned a lot creating this project!  The past few weeks we have been working on this project by creating sketches, choosing a sketch, receiving critiques on our personally written articles, creating a shape map in InDesign, and then placing our final project together.  Here are images of my sketches and shape map again:


JessicaAshton12A-22 JessicaAshton12A-23

And here is my final project!  It was exciting learning how to create my original vision for this project.  I received great critiques to guide me along the way.  After creating my shape map, I placed my text and images into the document.  Then, I made sure to have a great contrasting title and made some edits to create “white space” for better visual flow.  I explain more in my video and critique summary below:


Critique:  On July 8th, I printed my draft and connected with my classmates, Susan Ruske and Cristy Crawford, to critique our projects over Google Hangouts.  Here is the link to that critique meeting:

Susan and Cristy had great feedback.  They suggested that I highlight and change the color of my subtitles, and that I watch for “widow” text.  They also suggested that I keep my text out of my drop shadows from my images.  I submitted my drafts to my instructor also.  She suggested that I repeat elements by making my highlighted quote text box an oval and that I had a third oval image for more design flow.  She also suggested that I delete my quote that I had at the top, left page to open that area up for more “white space” and better visual flow.  I also had some wording to close to the edges of elements so I had to resize and rearrange my text in order to not create tangents and tension.  Great feedback!


Title:  Cooper Black (heavily weighted, old style serif typeface) for contract and Lucida Calligraphy (Script) for subscript.  Body Copy: Arial and Arial Black (San Serif)

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