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Movie Poster Project


Message/ Audience: For this project we were asked to pretend that we just landed a new job and our manager asked us to create a creative and fun movie poster to introduce ourself to the employees at the next staff meeting.  Because it was for a job, I thought it would be fun to recreate the “Lucy” movie poster about the power we could have if we were able to use 100% of our brain instead of just 10% of our brain.  I would be a great employee with my super brain capabilities!  I wanted it to be edgy and captivating so I spent a lot of time getting my self image just right through blending, contrasting and making the eye stand out.

Critique Report: My instructor, Julie Peterson gave me a few suggestions to align my typography and change the bottom “June 2015” color to match my eye.  I received the same critique from my classmate, Susan Ruske.  I used the pin drop tool to capture the eye color for my bottom text and made minor adjustments in my alignment.

Fonts: Title – Lucida Grande Bold (san serif)   Body Copy – Athelas Bold (old style)   Movie Poster Condensed Font (sans serif)

Images: The image of me I took on my own with a white background to help with blending. The overlay on my image of math symbols is at this link:


6 thoughts on “Movie Poster Project

  1. Jessica, I could see your amazing poster on the wall of a movie theater. Such amazing work. I really like what you did with you eye and how it catches you when you first see the poster. Your video is great and I am so impressed by you and all you do in the class. I need to take some lessons from you! Great job!

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  2. mandee grant says:

    Amazing! This is so good Jessica! I loved every detail– the photo, the title, the background, the copy text. You nailed a challenging assignment– well done and big high fives!

    Liked by 1 person

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