Assignments, Photography

Photography Project


Outdoor Light



Indoor Light


Foreground Focus


Background Focus


Rule of Thirds


Lead Room

Photography is both exciting and frustrating!  I loved learning about photography tips with lighting and focus, however I was frustrated with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and learning my camera settings.  The editing program kept freezing and shutting down on me.  This project took me a long time!  I took a lot of pictures and had a hard time choosing what images I wanted to use.

The outdoor image I took at the beach near my home.  The sun was setting and casting beautiful colors in the sky.  I liked the simplicity of the scene creating a calm, relaxing feeling.  For the indoor shot I got down and personal with my little buddy, Coal.  This picture didn’t need a lot of editing.  I loved capturing his sweet eyes.  I included a second indoor lighting picture because I wanted to try the photo painting concept with my new camera.  It took me forever to figure out the settings, but I LOVE the final result!  It was a lot of fun.  I chose the subject of “books” because I love learning and reading.

The focus foreground and background pictures I took were really fun and taken in my own backyard.  I enjoyed learning how to manually focus my camera.  I focused on the flower for my foreground pictures, and  on my patio set for my background focus.  I also tried to follow the rule of thirds in most of my pictures.  These pictures also did not need much editing.

While we were walking the beach by my house, we found this great, pink beach chair.  I thought it was so beautiful with the vibrant pink against the blue sky and water.  I liked the colors in this image so I edited it a little more to make it exciting.  The chair and the horizon is on the rule of thirds.

For the “lead room” image,  I liked the concept from our example project and wanted to try recreating it with my son.  I feel like it is not very original, but I still like this cute picture of my little boy.

Although I was stressed and frustrated with this project, I did have fun learning about photography and am excited to keep trying for more great images!


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