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Event Flier Project

heartwalk Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 8.53.22 PMProcess:  My husband is the local chair for the American Heart Association of Delaware.  Therefore, for this project I decided to create a heart walk flier.  My audience is to the general public – everyone from old to young. I wanted to include that message with a dramatic photograph that represented all ages.  I wanted my flier to be simple in design, yet striking and touching portraying the message that heart walk donations give life to all ages.  Because I wanted a dramatic message, I decided to do a black/grey/white monochromatic color scheme with red contrast.  I used red in my title and in my design elements to symbolize blood and the heart.  I used black and grey in the image and in my font.

I used Microsoft Word to create this flier.  My biggest headache was trying to get the formatting right when I converted my word document to a .pdf file.  It kept cutting off my image and creating a white boarder around my design.  I learned that I needed to create a black shape box for the background and reformat my page layout to have no borders.  It took me hours to figure that out!

Critique Process:  I received a critique from my friend Brett Mann, a photographer, on May 21 at 12:30.  The text throughout my flier was all “Arial” with different colors and weights, but he suggested that I change my body copy to a different font to add more contrast and to make it stand out more.

I received two critiques on Facebook from Ben Harker and Matt Selvert on May 21.  Both of them suggested that I make my image smaller and move my logo up closer to the picture.

I received a critique from my instructor, Julie Peterson via email on May 21st.  She suggested that I give more “white space” around the fingers and hand to eliminate awkward tension.  She also suggested that I move up the logo to have more space underneath it from the edge of the flier.

I appreciate all the critiques!  After hours of stress and work, the final design makes me happy.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic color scheme; black, grey and white with red contrast

Fonts:  Title- Arial (Sans Serif) 72 pt. Body Copy-Times New Roman (Oldstyle) 11 pt.

Link to image:


6 thoughts on “Event Flier Project

  1. This is a wonderful design! The picture is perfect and made me actually want to sign up (I’d say very effective). The colors work wonderfully together, the text was simple and flowed nicely…it was absolutely worth all of your effort.

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    • Wow I really loved your color scheme. You chose a high resolution picture that really stood out. I thought the font you chose went well withthe colors and picture you chose.


  2. Your graphic of the pile of hands speaks without words and really stands out. The fonts you chose complement each other well. Life in red stands out so well that it pulls you to the top other the hands. You have a nice diagonal flow. Lots of white space. The black background makes everything stand off the page. Here’s my post, let me know what you think: . I thought my first comment needed a little more depth. You did a fabulous job!


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